Friday, 18 January 2013

Maurizio Anzeri

I studied Maurizio Anzeri's photo embroidery during my Art Foundation year at my local college. I was studying mental health issues, specifically schizophrenia and found his work relative. The sewn patterns stemming from figures eye's, covering their face and sometimes more reminded me of how schizophrenia takes over someones mind, and how it could change a persons identity. Maurizio Anzeri sews into found vintage photographs. These are a selection of my favourite. As well as the individual portraits Anzeri has manipulated group photographs also. Each image has its own individual embroidery, the shapes are unique, each colour, direction and pattern made suggests a different and new identity. A new life for the forgotten, unidentified people in the photos.

Round Midnight
This is a vintage 'glamour shot'. The artist has sewn a veil to protect the girls modesty. 



I find Anzeri's group pieces extremely interesting. So many conclusions can be drawn form these images. The shapes and colours of the threads create new persona's for these people. The thread work and new visual aesthetics force the vintage image to become up-to-date, a contemporary portrait. 

The artists work has inspired many others. In 2011 the artist collaborated with photographer Richard Burbridge for an incredible editorial, 'It Came From The Sky.'  The thread work on these already contemporary images adds graphic and abstract elements. My favourite artists and photographers are always changing however Maurizio Anzeri will always remain one! 

More can be seen on my favourite website, Trendland. 

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