Sunday, 27 January 2013

Alexander James Interiors

I am passionate about architecture and am a keen interiors enthusiast also. Last year I assisted Alexander James, a lifestyle and interiors photographer, for several weeks on a number of amazing shoots in London. Alex has shot for World of Interiors, Country Life and two other main publications that I assisted him with - The Sunday Times and Living etc. I thoroughly enjoyed assisting Alex, I learnt a lot about photographing interiors, lighting, set-up and how meticulous you have to be! 'Move that 1cm to the left, no back 3cm, no back the other way!' was the usual talk of the day! There were long days, hundreds of angles to photograph from but it was SO worth it seeing them in the magazine a weeks later, plus keeping the owners dogs and cats in and out of images was fun! Below are some image spreads that I assisted on - shot by Alex for The Times Magazine. These images came from Vinny Lee's blog, the editor of the publication.

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